Ray Mercer is alive and ready to fight

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Yesterday we reported that Ray Mercer, former boxing champ and one-half of this weekend’s King of The Cage main event against Ron Sparks, was missing and that no one had heard from him in almost a week. Lo and behold, KOTC’s official twitter account saw my post and responded, reassuring me and other people who paid good money for tickets to the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut this Friday.

As you see from the tweets above, Mercer was just training hard (apparently too hard to answer anyone’s calls) and was in fact, in New Jersey and not Philly. Mercer is set to arrive at Foxwoods this wednesday for his final preparations. It sound’s like Ray just disappeared for no good reason, but I will update you readers as the day progresses and more info is gathered! Either way, good to know that Ray is alive and well!

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  1. I dont know if it was on purpose or not, but Ray Mercer just single handedly out did any type of advertisment that KOTC put out for this card.

    Good to see he is alive and healthy though.

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