Tim Sylvia next MMA fighter to enter the world of Japanese Pro Wrestling

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Look out, pro wrestling world, a new contender is preparing to make his debut in the place where fixed matches are more common than Pride FC (yeah, i said it!). Tim Sylvia, who we previously spoke with before his fight at War on the Mainland against Paul Buentello, is set to have two “fights”, with the first coming in two weeks — and that first bout is actually against Josh Barnett!

Last friday on his twitter account, Big Tim mentioned the deal briefly in passing, saying: “O ya japan in 2 weeks pro wrestling.” Just yesterday, Barnett announced that he had been scooped up by Strikeforce and would be fighting for the company at some point in the vague near future. Nightmare of Battle broke the news that Sylvia would battle Barnett at the IGF, AKA Inoki Genome Federation, at “Genome 13” on September 25. Other matches on the card include a match between two legends with Tatsumi Fujinami vs. First Tiger Mask, Shinichi Suzukawa (former Sumo Wrestler) vs. Mark Coleman, and Tamon Honda & Kendo Kashin vs. Bob Sapp & Bobby Lashley. Interestingly enough, this is on the same night as DREAM’s next event! Even Japan can not escape counter-programming wars!

Check out the video above to get a taste of what we can expect from the IGF as Tim’s opponent, Josh Barnett, takes on Don “The Predator” Frye, except imagine Sylvia’s match being much slower and more painful to watch. Hit the jump for part two!

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