EA Sports MMA sticks it to the UFC & reaches out to Japan

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Fresh off the sneaky announcement of their iPhone version of the game, EA has graced us with two new videos this week. Debuting at the Tokyo Game Show 2010 just days ago, EA Sports MMA unveiled its Japanese trailer for their highly-anticipated video game, chock full of Japanese fighters to satisfy not just the Japanese market but hardcore fight fans. As opposed to the American trailers we have been seeing, this commercial focuses on the fighters that the Japanese viewers would recognize, which does not always equate to Japanese fighters. In fact, plenty of air time is given to Bob Sapp, Josh Barnett and Jacare to name a few gaijin fighters. There is also more attention given to exhibiting submissions. Check out the vid below.

The only thing that is missing is Kazushi Sakuraba sadly, but here is hoping for DLC… for a character that should have been in the game to begin with. As if that was not enough from EA Sports MMA, earlier today another trailer was released for the American audience, which sticks it to the UFC hard. I mean cuts them open with a rusty butter knife and grinds salt into the gaping wound. This game takes a quote from UFC VP Don Gold and runs it into the ground and proves the man wrong with something called “facts” and a little dash of head stomps and soccer kicks. Reminds me a little of the old “We do what Ninten-don’t” ad campaign with Sega Genesis in the 90’s. Hit the jump to see the vid!

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