The drama ends here – Ray Mercer officially off King of the Cage show

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It’s over. We reported last week that former heavyweight boxing champ turned MMA fighter, Ray Mercer, had gone missing, and was luckily found unharmed and safe in New Jersey. Now, after all the drama and hype, Guy Mezger reported on his twitter account that Ray Mercer would not fight at tonight’s King of the Cage: No Mercy show at all. The reason – “He was disallowed because a 13 yr old injury. Even though he has had fights since that injury.”

Guy Mezger’s words, not mine. It seems as if Mezger is even suspicious of this as well since Mercer has fought through whatever this magical injury is for the past thirteen years. Funny for it to act up now, a day before he was set to battle Ron Sparks, who will no doubt be very disappointed as well as fans who wanted to see this fight happen. What this means for Mercer’s career could essentially just be suicide – this injury at such a last-minute will frighten off many potential matchmakers, but perhaps it is time for “Merciless” to hang up the gloves after all.

On the upside, Abel Cullum VS Jimmie Rivera for the 135 lb. title will be moved to the main event slot for sure, and that fight is one that is guaranteed to be 400% better than Sparks VS Mercer. I have seen Jimmie fight live for Bellator FC and UCC and have watched Abel’s previous KOTC and DREAM fights and this match is going to be insane! There is plenty of other local talent fighting tonight, and this should not scare off fans from seeing this event since Mercer VS Sparks would have ended in about 30 seconds anyway.

We will update you if we hear about any replacements for Ron Sparks or if the fight will be totally scrapped.

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