Randy Couture & Fedor on Slurpee cups at a 7-11 near you!

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On the EA Sports MMA facebook page, the company revealed there tie-in with 7-11 convenience stores across America. Starting in October, you can drink your slurpee out a Fedor Emelianeko or Randy Couture cup! In other words, EA and 7-11 have done what the UFC and M-1 Global could not- co-promote! Ba-zing!

While not being the most impressive tie-in, it still shows that mainstream America is starting to accept the sport of mixed martial arts, enough so that you can walk into a store like 7-11 and most people will recognize at least one of the two fighters on the cups. How could they not, considering that this game even has an iPhone version now. Anyway, this is more so a victory for the sport than being a cool collectors item, not to say that I will not buy four of each cup upon sight!

Personally, I think the stores need some fight themed flavors of slurpee, so what would be the name of your custom MMA slurpee and what would it taste like?

2 Comments on Randy Couture & Fedor on Slurpee cups at a 7-11 near you!

  1. New Ufc champ to be exact… He is not the baddest man on the planet.. Fedor still is… velasquez is more like the baddest Mexican in Ufc haha

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