Renzo Gracie on UFC debut, Sakuraba & MMA World Expo

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In a drunken haze, The Fight Nerd wandered the streets of Manhattan until he stumbled into Renzo Gracie’s Academy… well, not really about the drunken part but I did go to Renzo’s gym to speak to the man himself, Renzo Gracie!

The legendary Gracie talks about his UFC debut against Matt Hughes and what went wrong for Renzo, as well as his pupil Ricardo Almeida who also fell to Hughes. Renzo gives us his thoughts on the oddness of Toney VS Couture, how training is different for him at this age, how Jason “Mayhem” Miller can defeat Kazushi Sakuraba at this weekend’s DREAM event, and if Renzo wants to fight Sak one more time. Plus, Renzo explains how to say “The Fight Nerd” in Portugese! Finally!

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