Shout-out from Kneebar Buffet makes a Fight Nerd happy

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I have been in a pretty blah mood lately due to some personal things outside of this website, but this video has made me a happy nerd again. Kneebar Buffet, AKA Ben survived my Fight Nerd for a day trivia challenge at the UFC Fan Expo and even got his hand raised at the end of it. Lo and behold, I am checking my Youtube inbox (which I rarely do unless I feel like being insulted for having giant sideburns, being fat, being Jewish or just being alive in general), I saw this response from him to that trivia video.

KBB was a great sport for taking part in the trivia and seeing his vid cheered me up quite a bit. I get a ton of flack for all sorts of various things, so it is a nice change to pace to hear someone say that I don’t suck (and that I also have a “beastly staredown”). Check out his youtube page at this link here and KBB even has a podcast called “Real Talk MMA” with his partner in crime in the video, which you can listen to here.

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