Bloodstain Lane stumps The Fight Nerd!

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If you recall from my UFC Fan Expo Fight Nerd for a Day Trivia Challenge, we had a star-studded cast take on my line of interrogation with UFC-related questions. Aside from UFC veteran Jorge Rivera and famed cutman Jacob “Stitch” Duran, I also put the infamous Bloodstain Lane on the spot! Bloodstain did pretty good but got caught up in my tricky questions, so little did I know it was time for revenge at last weekend’s M-1 Global show!

Jump to 2:26 to see me under the hot lights, and see how I do. Here is a hint – not too well. Goes to show you, it’s not easy when you are being grilled but it takes testicular fortitude to give it a shot, as Bloodstain Lane knows! While he may have enacted his vengeance here, don’t think this act went unforgiven. Wait until you see my vlog for this event and see how we got him back! And don’t forget to watch the rest of his epic vlog full of interviews and insanity and subscribe to his youtube if you haven’t already!

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