Jakks Pacific shows us UFC Electronic Reaction Octagon

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Jakks Pacific, official toymaker for the UFC, has unveiled their next creation – the UFC Electronic Reaction octagon! During the UFC Fan Expo, Michael Wilde informed us of some of the new octagons coming out on the market and here is the first one!

Ringside Collectibles has given us this first look at the new massive playset for UFC action figures. This octagon has motion-activated sensors hidden under the mats to make sounds like punches, kicks, takedowns and submissions (someone gurgling for breath as they are choked out?). Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan also provided commentary on your figure playing/ championship fight while Big John McCarthy gets your match started, along with a constant roar of approval from the virtual audience as the bout goes down. I wonder if this cage includes realistic groin kick sounds as well in case your figures make a foul shot.

This octagon requires 3 AA batteries to function which are not included and will retail at a suggested price of $49.99 and is available now at a toy store near you.

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