Fight Nerd Vlog: M-1 Global Selection Americas 4

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It is truly our most epic vlog to date! Peter Lampasona and The Fight Nerd journey back to the city of sin in New Jersey for M-1 Global Selection Americas 4, which featured the American finals to decide who would continue in the M-1 Challenge series. To make things more epic… Pete loses his car keys. Yup. Do we ever make it to M-1?

That’s anti-climatic since I have been plugging my huge photo gallery from the event for days, plus earlier today I mentioned my appearance in Bloodstain Lane’s M-1 vlog. Which reminds me, on this trip I bring along a special treat – a bottle of Russian fermented soda! It is as bad as it sounds! Who takes a drink and survives? Find out in this vlog! Seeing the fights is half the fun, the other half is getting there!

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