Opening Old Wounds: Butterbean VS Bob Sapp – Sumo Battle!

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Let’s start this week off right and remind ourselves of something worse than Frank Mir VS Mirko “Crocop” Filipovic! You may be asking, “Fight Nerd, nothing is worse than three rounds of nothing capped off with Crocop headbutting Mir’s knee! Nothing!” Prepare to be corrected, loyal reader!

Back in 2001, K-1 did some unusual Sumo tournament with a few actual sumo wrestlers, some notable but down on their luck K-1 fighters who were in need of paychecks like Jan Nortje, Alexei Ignashov & Mike Bernardo, and a bunch of Japanese pro wrestlers to round out the event like Yuji Nagata and Kensuke Sasaki. The event speaks for itself, so enjoy the opening round of this tournament – Bob Sapp at the peak of his popularity against Butterbean! Believe it or not, this is way more action packed than Crocop VS Mir!

One of these days, you can expect to see a Fight Nerd Flashback about this abomination. If you want the full results of this old tournament to see what other big names were forced into competing in this humiliating event, as well to watch the amazing final of this event, hit the jump!

Opening Round Match: Manabu Nakanishi v Mike Bernardo
Opening Round Match: Yoshihiro Nakai v Francois Botha
Opening Round Match: Bob Sapp v Butterbean
Opening Round Match: Masayuki Naruse v Jan Nortje
Opening Round Match: Alexei Ignashov v Yuji Nagata
Opening Round Match: Kensuke Sasaki v Francisco Filho
Opening Round Match: Blue Wolf v Tsuyoshi Nakasako
Opening Round Match: Gary Goodridge v Musashi

Quarter Final Match: Yoshihiro Nakai v Manabu Nakanishi
Quarter Final Match: Bob Sapp v Masayuki Naruse
Quarter Final Match: Kensuke Sasaki v Alexei Ignashov
Quarter Final Match: Gary Goodridge v Blue Wolf

Semi-Final Match: Bob Sapp v Yoshihiro Nakai
Semi-Final Match: Gary Goodridge v Kensuke Sasaki

Sapp went on to become the winner, a title he has long since forgotten about, but an old wound that needs to be reopened one day soon, by The Fight Nerd!

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