Everything you need to know about EA Sports MMA in 3 and a half minutes

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EA SPORTS MMA Designer Rocky Rivero breaks down every aspect of the EA SPORTS MMA demo, which will be released tomorrow morning, or Tuesday, September 28th, for those without a lunar calendar in arms reach. In a nutshell, the demo will feature four fighters for you to play as – Jake Shields and Jason “Mayhem” Miller in the middleweight divison, and Bobby Lashley and Alistair Overeem in the heavyweight division.

Your demo bout takes place in the Strikeforce ring (where else?) and graphically the game looks superb. The question now is how well does this game play? We will have answers very soon! It is interesting to note that Rivero says “this is not a button-masher” so timing will be a crucial element in the gameplay. There are also a few other keen things the demo will add, including a chance to unlock a classic version of Randy Couture. Check out the trailer above!

We are one day away from the demo, are you excited yet or are you loyal to UFC Undisputed? And speaking of which, have you registered yet for the incredibly awesome Fight Nerd Video Game Open Tournament yet? These prizes won’t win themselves, and we got a ton of them!

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