Sal Carrillo of the MMA Symposium

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One of our final pieces of coverage from that UFC Fan Expo in Boston not too long ago was an informative interview with Sal Carrillo. Carrillo was the organizer of the first MMA Symposium, which was held at Jillian’s right by Fenway Park, and featured speakers like Judge Sal D’amato, WEC champ Benson Henderson and Marc Ratner of the UFC. This was an event where both the press and the public could reach out to these people and educate themselves in-depth on the inner workings of sanctioning, judging and the rules of MMA.

Sal spoke with us about what happened at this symposium on such topics as globalization of MMA, discrepencies in rules & judging, sanctioning across the nation & what makes it more difficult, and if there will be more of these events in the near future in other towns. You can learn more about the symposium and any future ones at

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