When she isn’t announcing fights, Screaming Pride lady sings Jazz

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One of the survivors of Pride FC who have continued to have a successful career is everyone’s favorite ear-drum exploding announcer, Lenne Hardt. Known to most fans as “Screaming Pride Lady”, Lenne Hardt has yelled her way into our hearts with her insane renditions of such names as “Antonio RRRRRRRRRodrigo Nogueirrrrraaaaa!” and “Ka-Zu-Shi Sak-oo-Ra-Baaaaaa!” But what does she do the other 364 days of the year when there aren’t fights in DREAM?

Hardt, who also lends her golden voice to EA Sports MMA video game, whose demo hits Playstation Network and Xbox Live today (and you can get all the info about that over at this link), is apparently a jazz singer. As you can see from this video shot earlier this month at Mandala Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, Hardt belts out some of the old American popular-standards in her unique way, and jazz has never sounded so awesome! I wonder if she is available for Bar Mitzah’s and Video Game tournaments as well?

Video via Eddie Goldman’s facebook – Hit the jump to hear her in EA Sport’s MMA video game!

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