Bloody Wand VS Rampage toy on the way from Round 5

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I like toys. I like blood. What happens when you combine those things? Bloody toys!

On second thought, that sounds really weird. I don’t go around to blood banks dipping my figures in jars of blood, but I do like it when they look battle damaged. Round 5 has heard my pleas and on Damon Lau’s twitter revealed a variant for their upcoming two-packs. In remembrance of their epic battle from Pride FC 28, Round 5 is releasing a two-pack with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Wanderlei Silva. The interesting news is the variant, which you see above, which has blood and bruises all over both fighters, and as the company wrote on twitter, Silva’s knee is covered in Rampage’s blood, making this even more awesome.

You can see the original pic here. Things are picking up big time for Round 5, with their new 10-inch “Live Series” of figures with Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell, as well as other figures with Brock Lesnar, Royce Gracie and Dana White on the way. What do you think of this bloody Wand VS Rampage set? Worth hunting down?

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