The Fight Nerd has made the cover of “Seven Days” magazine

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At least, technically I made the cover, but not really at all. A few weekends ago I was in Mashantucket, Connecticut for King of the Cage: No Mercy, and was shooting my usual photo gallery for the website. Lo and behold, I get an e-mail from Lauren Ober of “Seven Days”, a magazine based out of Vermont.

Turns out that one of the fighters who competed on that particular event, Noah Weisman, is a native of Burlington, VT, and the zine was doing a feature on him which centered around his fight against Sean Wilmot. They needed some action shots and I was the right nerd to deliver the goods! Mostly because I was awake on a caffeine binge from two nights of MMA in a row and ended up editing a few hundred photos in a very short amount of time. Chocolate is a helluva’ drug.

As if that was not cool enough, as I always enjoy being printed, one of my shots would grace the cover of their magazine. I have been published in many different magazines before, but never the cover! It might not be the cover of the UFC Magazine, but I am more than grateful that “Seven Days” found my photos and decided they were worthy of the cover!

Thanks to Lauren Ober for writing the very comprehensive piece on the fighter and finding me, and also thanks to Noah Weisman for being an excellent subject to shoot! To see my entire photo gallery from KOTC: No Mercy, just hit this link, and to check out the great article from “Seven Days” with my photos, head to this link. And if you just happen to be a citizen of the fine state of Vermont, grab me a copy!

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