Mike Tyson and Wayne Brady get their groove on

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As if there was not enough Mike Tyson on this website in the past 24 hours, the baddest man on the planet continues to make the rounds all across the entertainment world. This time, Tyson appears alongside Wayne Brady (AKA Bobby Lashley off his cycle) in an homage to Bobby Brown’s classic hit “Every Little Step.” Can we really call it classic now? It makes me feel old thinking about it. I was just listening to the local classic rock station and they were playing Nirvana, the moment I heard it I could feel the grey hairs sprouting from the top of my head.

Regardless, there is nothing like seeing Iron Mike lip-synching some classic hip-hop while wearing a black singlet with suspenders. That is style! I don’t care how out of shape he looks, that man can still move (he just can’t seem to remember dance steps). What fighters would you like to see boogie on down and to what song? I would like to see Georges St. Pierre tackle MC Hammer’s career-making hit, “Can’t Touch This.”

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