Zuffa gives money to politician to push MMA in NYC

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If you got it, flaunt it! And when you flaunt it, don’t forget to line the pockets of the people higher than you!

An article in today’s New York Post has stated that Zuffa Entertainment has pumped $74,600 into Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s campaign funds with the idea that the Democrat will use his political muscle to bend the Legislature into approving the mixed martial arts in New York, a state that should have had the sports years ago. Also to be noted, however, is that Zuffa did not contribute to Republican candidate Carl Paladino. Cuomo, through a spokesman, declined to take a stand on whether he would sign a law to sanction MMA fights.

Republican Paladino – who campaigns with his pit bull, Duke, and vows to “take out” Assemblyman Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and pound the Albany establishment with a “baseball bat” – said he has reservations about cage fights. Outgoing Gov. Paterson supports sanctioning cage fights, saying the events would produce $2 million in revenue to cash-starved state coffers.

The state Senate passed a bill to authorize MMA fights in New York earlier this year, but the Assembly blocked action on the measure. Under the proposed bill, mixed martial arts would be recognized as a legal sport, and the state could create safety regulations over it. In exchange, New York would implement an 8.5 percent tax on all ticket sales, and a 3 percent tax on broadcasting rights, up to a $50,000 maximum per event, according to the bill.

We New Yorkers are still hoping that this will happen as soon as next year when this bill goes back on the table, but in reality I have a feeling we are still not going to see any live fighting until 2012. We are one step closer but still quite far from the finish line.

With that said, do you think it is right for a private company to give money to a politician to help push their agenda, even if it is an agenda we want to get pushed such as MMA in NYC?

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