Now that’s what I call a powerbomb!

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If you don’t like seeing a great big slam in MMA, then you must be Cecil Peoples. For those of sound mind, judgement and blood-thirst, I give you the gift of not just an epic slam, but one of the best powerbombs you will see!

A few weeks ago, M-1 wrapped up their Selection series and found their North American champions to enter into the M-1 Challenge series. One of the matches was American Top Team’s Byron Byrd taking on Daniel Vizcaya for the light heavyweight spot. Byrd had won his previous matches all by knockout, the first in ten seconds, and the second in 40 seconds. Vizcaya had violent battles with all of his opponents leading up to this fight, so we knew fireworks would explode, and they absolutely did! The end happens as Byrd works off his back and, well, I will let the match speak for itself.

Oh, and if you pay attention to the blue corner area, you might just see a certain nerd hanging out and taking photos of the fights! And those photos can be seen at this link here, including the powerbomb, frame by frame!


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