Help GirlFight Global choose their fighting surface & vote for the YAMMA!

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The YAMMA… she lives again! Not yet, but it could happen soon.

New female fighting organization, “GirlFight Global”, has posted on their main page a query to their fans. Tired of the usual cage, the company has decided to be daring and ask their readers where should the next event be fought inside. The option range from a Sumo ring (which is quite similar to Frank Shamrock’s short-lived “Shootbox” that competed in something similar), a flat and open round ring like the WCL uses ( AKA Chuck Norris’ Karate Commando League), and the most exciting choice – the YAMMA pit!

Curtis from “GirlFight” had this to say about the YAMMA – “the idea is great and it helps keep the fight moving, the downside is this ring was used once and Yamma went belly up. )-: “

Frowny face indeed! The last option is a classic cage, but really, after giving us the option of the YAMMA pit, I am sure my reader will not hesitate to vote on their website to bring it back to life from its home ( a warehouse in East Jersey where it sits in pieces)! From an unbiased perspective, the pit would funnel the action back to the center of the ring and the sloped sides were interesting for takedowns and ground & pound. No one really slipped on it (some would argue Butterbean but he was really just waiting to fall over and get beat on), and sure it was a bit gimmicky, but it could have been worse (see “Shootbox“). so I say, a vote for YAMMA is a vote for 400% win!

Vote for the YAMMA over here and let me know when you do! Together, we can bring back the most infamous fighting surface in MMA history!

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