Fight Nerd Vlog: NY Comic Con 2010

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This past weekend of October 8-10, I got my nerd on outside of the cage by attending the fifth annual New York Comic Con at the Jacob Javits Center! Three days of comics, gaming, toys and cosplaying, all in my backyard! So what does a fight nerd do when presented with this opportunity of good times and great memories? He makes a vlog, but not just one vlog. He makes an epic duo of vlogs.

This massive two part vlog features appearances from BrentalFloss (singing the Punch-out rap!), Paolo Rivera, Mark Sable, Qui Nguyen from “Vampire Cowboys”, Larry Hama, Walt Simonson, Gabriel Hardman, Chris Moreno, PowerGlove and a few other random con-goers! Nerdgasm? Yes, a large and very satisfying one. Plus, get a preview of something coming on the site very soon that is both nerdy and amazing all at the same time!

Hit the jump to see both vlogs and enjoy NYCC for those who couldn’t make it, or for those who simply want to see just how incredibly nerdy I really am.

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