Road FC to pay fighters upfront – and there was much rejoicing!

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Interesting financial news coming from a continent far away from my own. Nightmare of Battle is reporting that Korean MMA organization, Road FC, is setting a trend with their fledgling company and paying their fighters up front, and not just a small amount but their entire purse. The reasoning for this being the paranoia of some fighters overseas with so many promotions not paying their fighters in a timely fashion, if at all, and with other companies simply embezzling their funds and running away to hide in Argentina.

Owner of Road FC, Mr. Chung Munhon, has made this decision to show his appreciation and gratitude for the combatants. However, he has not addressed the highly possible scenario of a fighter becoming injured before the event and what will happen with his payment when he can not compete.

Road FC is also currently in the midst of having their own exclusive stadium built in South Korea where future events will be held. Sources indicate it is being built in the city of Wonju with a population of 310,854, which conveniently has three universities located nearby. The arena is anticipated to be nearly 10,000 square meters long, or 32,808 feet, which is also a little over 6 miles. Math is hard. Their upcoming card, which is October 23, is allegedly sold out according to their website, so we shall see how their debut goes and what comes next for this ambitious Korean MMA promotion.

Additional info via Kamipro

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