27th Annual New York Open Judo Championship results & photos

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This past weekend (Oct 17, 2010 AKA the day after our epic Fall Brawl 2010 video game tournament) we were treated to the 27th Annual New York Open at CUNY Hunter College. This was the first time the event was held at Hunter College (due to an upgrade at the NYAC fascility). The tournament is one of the “money” tournaments in which cash prizes are given to the winners of the tournament. As such many high ranking international judoka (practioners of judo) typically compete in this tournmanent (this year, there were over 20 nations represented).

A number of Olympians were in attendance including Jimmy Pedro as well as various national champions. Kyle Vashikulat (100kg) Brad Bolen (66kg) and Nick Kossor (60kg) all ranked #1 in the USA competed. Olympians who competed included Joao Schlittler (+100kg) from Brazil.

Mel Applebaum was awarded the 8th Dan in Judo (8th degree blackbelt), which is a testament to his achievement and skill. The crowd was treated to a demonstration of Nage No Kata (forms of throwing) by Heiko Rommelman Jr. and Jeff Giunta. The Nage No Kata demonstrates some of the throws in judo and is a requirement to acheive a black belt in judo.

The matches were numerous and fast paced with one match starting almost immediately after another. There were two competitions mats so the crowd typically saw two matches concurrently. Numerous weight divisions and many competitors ensured that there weren’t too many breaks in competition. The finals saw a suprise with many Americans taking home prize money. A big change from the past few years when Americans hadn’t achieved any 1st place finishes. Nick Kossor won most valuable player and appears to be a future Olympian in the sport of Judo. For complete results take a look at their official site.

Hit the jump to take a look at some of the photos from this event!

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