Yogi Bear shows us his ground & pound skills

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Some days are slow news days. Others are fast-paced news days where I am lazy. And some times, I just need to amuse myself. Today is one of those days.

In the late 90’s John Kricfalusi’s Spümcø company created and directed two Yogi Bear cartoons, “A Day in the Life of Ranger Smith” and “Boo Boo Runs Wild”. Kricfalusi’s art style might look familiar to some viewers, as he is also the creator of “Ren and Stimpy.” Back to the toon at hand, this is a section of the second title which featured a showdown between Yogi and Ranger Smith, who is about to kill Boo Boo for becoming feral.

Inevitably, the style of Spümcø proved to be too much for the networks, and this was one of the many toons that John K. has done that was heavily censored. Nonetheless, we can clearly see where he got his influences from in this violent fight scene, as Yogi channels his inner Mark Coleman and works some mighty ground & pound on the hapless Ranger Smith, as well as some classic headbutts from the SEG days of UFC. Am I reaching out there with this one and just finding meaning in things that have no meaning? Maybe, but considering the facial expressions of Yogi that resemble a young Coleman just about ready to gas out, the closed guard of Ranger Smith and his attempts to clinch off his back to escape the strikes, and the overall demeanor of the above average bear, if it’s not influenced by the UFC, it sure fooled me.

Any other cartoons you can think of that have had MMA influences in them (other than last season’s cage-fight themed episode of “The Simpsons”?

Via FightLinker

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