UFC figures can now battle GI Joe and Darth Vader with 3.75″ size

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The dream battle has begun – can Luke Skywalker overcome Brock Lesnar? And can the forces of GI Joe handle the riddim’ of Georges St Pierre?

Jakks has recently unveiled the first wave of their 3 3/4″ UFC action figures on their facebook page, which are also the same scale as the popular Star Wars figures and the classic GI Joe: Real American Hero line. This first batch includes BJ Penn, Randy Couture, Georges St. Pierre, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Lyoto Machida, Brock Lesnar, Anderson Silva, and a mini-legend in the form of Bas Rutten. These pint-sized plastic fighters made their public debut roughly two weeks ago at the Fall Toy Fair, and at last we have the official word from Jakks!

Each figure will come with a pie slice of Octagon, which when combined form the entire structure. In other words, you have to buy every figure to get this mini cage, but that should not be too difficult. After all, who doesn’t want to carry Brock Lesnar in their pocket? These figures are only available through Toys R’ Us, and most likely specialty stores who buy them and re-stock them on their shelves or sites. As for the figures themselves, I am a bit iffy on this scale, especially since I had no idea that the Anderson Silva figure was in fact Anderson Silva. I thought it was Gary Goodridge or Cheick Kongo (and someone on their facebook page thought it was Bobby Lashley), so if I can get a figure or two to review I will do that and get back to you on if they are better in real life or if what you see here is what you get.

Hit the jump to see larger photos of the first wave of Jakks Pacific’s UFC mini-figures!

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