See WWE’s MMA movie, Knucklehead, in NYC

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Attention New Yorkers who have nothing better to do this weekend before UFC 121! WWE is proud to present their next low-budget direct-to-DVD feature in an actual theater, and guess what – it’s about MMA!

Not too long ago I shared the trailer for “Knucklehead”, starring Dennis Farina, Melora Hardin, and 7’2″ tall Big Show, which is about the ginormous Paul Wight playing a mentally handicapped giant who, for whatever lame reason the thin plot dictates, starts a career in mixed martial arts. For those who did not know, MMA is fought in shambled rings in high school gyms and is 100% bareknuckle boxing.

So the good news, if you can call it that, is that WWE is doing a limited engagement this weekend in Manhattan, and unlike the Gina Carano movie that was supposed to premiere last week, this is actually happening. This weekend at the LTS Quad Cinema, you have three shots to see the movie. Twice on Saturday at 11 AM and 3:25 PM, then Sunday also at 11 AM. You can call 212.255.2243 for more info, or head to

WWE seems very confused still by the concept of modern MMA, and UFC has been beating WWE buyrates lately, and looks to continue to do so. With this movie, Vince McMahon not only cashes in on the MMA craze, but also gets to stick it to what he perceives MMA to be and show us why his pro-wrestling is better than Dana White’s UFC. I, for one, would welcome the meeting between Dana and Vince, and chances are this weekend we will see a few WWE superstars hanging around UFC 121 to support Brock Lesnar. Vince will simply be shaking his fist from Titan Towers while signing off on new John Cena t-shirts.

I will be at Ring of Combat 32 this weekend so I will have no chance to check out the movie, but if anyone does see it, let me know and give us a review!

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