Photos from Kim Couture’s fight at Ring of Combat 32

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While most of you were watching UFC 121, I was at Ring of Combat 32 in Atlantic City, NJ last night, watching a pretty good show, albeit one marred with two no contests, a draw, and logistical problems that I would expect from a debuting company and not an established feeder like ROC. Besides those qualms, 11 fights went down and before I get to the wrap-up from those, let’s get to my highlight from the event!

Kim Couture kicked her loss record up a notch against Munah Holland, dropping a unanimous decision to the Tiger Schulmann’s fighter. Couture seemed lost as the fight progressed, and by the third simply began swinging for the fences, when she wasn’t being dominated on the ground and in the clinch. Despite having a noticeable reach advantage, Kim was unable to do much damage to Holland, who was making her pro-MMA debut last night, while Kim took her seventh fight to make her overall record 3-4.

Couture is now training at Wanderlei Silva’s Academy in Las Vegas, but none of that seemed to show last night. It is astonishing how far this mediocre fighter can go by using the last name of her ex-husband, and moreso that with seven fights under her belt that she continues to fight inexperienced or debuting fighters and has yet to truly challenge herself. On the plus side, it makes for great photos of her being busted open!

Hit the jump for more photos of the mauling!

For more photos from this fight and all the other matches at ROC 32,
head to this link here!

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