Where in the world is Ray Mercer, part 2

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Ray Mercer sure gets around. You might remember the craziness from last month with former boxing champ Ray Mercer going AWOL before his showdown with Ron Sparks in King of the Cage. Luckily, they found Ray eventually but as fate would have it, he was destined not to fight since the doctors would not let him fight due to an injury that he has walked around with for thirteen years.

It seemed like it was the end of the line for the aging boxer whose claim to fame is destroying Tim Sylvia, but lo and behold! Look who showed up at Bellator 33! Ray snuck in during the prelims to watch one and a half fights and sat behind me cageside, then quietly snuck out and later returned sitting next to Monte Cox near the entrance ramp. Ray was also seen congratulating Eddie Alvarez after his win over Roger Huerta. The question now is, what was Ray Mercer doing at Bellator? Will he sign a contract with Bjorn Rebney to fight in next season’s heavyweight tournament? Will Monte Cox begin representing him (since he can locate his fighters unlike other managers)? Or was Ray just watching some good fights? Probably the latter, but we will never know the truth (mostly since Ray does not like me it seems for obvious reasons).

If you want to take a look at some of the fights Ray saw at Bellator 33, head to the photo gallery here, then take a look at the post-fight press conference video, where I regret not asking Bjorn about “Merciless” in Bellator. How do you think Ray Mercer would do in Bellator?

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