Where in the world is Ray Mercer, part 3

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If I don't move, maybe he won't see me... crap, too late!

I have officially seen Ray Mercer more times than a human being should have this year, and it’s unfortunate none of them were inside a ring or cage. I snuck photos of “Merciless” on Thursday night at Bellator 33 in Philadelphia, and I figured he would just creep into the darkness and disappear like a ninja once more. Little did I ever suspect I would see him yet again, this time in New Jersey!

Either as a guest of Lou Neglia’s Ring of Combat 32 or a guest for the underwhelming MMA & Sports Extravaganza in the same room at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, Ray Mercer was hanging out right behind me (again, seriously) watching a few of the fights. Ray got a lot more recognition at ROC than he did at Bellator, and took a few photos with fans and shared a few glances of Chuck Zito’s outfit of the day, including his over-the-top leather trench coat with flames and alligator skin cowboy boots.

At about the half way point in the show, right before Randy Smith and Brendan Barrett went to war, all of the celebs were called into the cage for a photo op. This included Dan Severn, Shonie Carter, Chuck Zito and his tremendous outfit, and a few local combat sports celebrities. Ray Mercer was called into the ring as a guest of honor as well, and guess what? He no-showed his appearance! I kid you not, Mercer was nowhere to be found when he was called on and seemed to have left the arena entirely without a trace.

No one has been able to confirm the whereabouts of Ray Mercer since the undercard of ROC 32 nor why he vanished before his moment of glory. I am beginning to see a pattern here. If you are counting on Ray Mercer to do something for you, prepare to be disappointed and have to file a missing persons report. But if you do not have anything for Mercer, he will be there. He is much like the Spanish Inquisition, in that nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, and when they do, they go missing in South Philly.

Where will Ray Mercer show up next? Only time will tell!

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