Ken Shamrock VS Jonathan Ivey makes me giggle, and I hope you do too

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First it makes you laugh, then it makes you cry. Remember the YAMMA fight between Butterbean and Pat Smith? We might have a contender to upend that one for one of the most infamous oddities in MMA matches!

On October 16, Ken Shamrock returned to MMA after his recent loss to Pedro Rizzo in Impact FC, to face off against Jonathan Ivey at the “USA MMA: Return of Champions” show in Lafayette, Louisiana. The 46-year-old UFC Hall-of-Famer weighed in at a paltry 209 while his opponent was clearly not worried about cutting weight… ever. Ivey holds a record of 29-44, with losses to many UFC veterans, and he looked to add another win to his belt with a victory over Shamrock. Sadly, things don’t always turn out the way you want them to, especially when you are fighting Ken Shamrock.

The match quickly deteriorated to what felt like a sparring match, which some compared to Crocop VS Mir if their fight had gone the distance. The video above is from Inside MMA where Bas Rutten and Kenny Rice laugh their pants off with the comedic antics of Ivey, who relived his favorite classic UFC moment a la Harold Howard. Shamrock won this match by unanimous decision, much to the delight of the dead crowd (what few people were in the audience). On a side note, Ivey holds the record for most fights won by kneebars in MMA history, even beating out Oleg Taktarov! The two have never faced off, but I think Ivey has earned his shot at the Russian Bear after this performance. As for Shamrock, the man needs a solid payday and can’t seem to kick the MMA bug, despite his age, but on the plus side, a win is a win… I guess.

Hit the jump if you dare to see their fight in full!



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