Kimo is “In the closet” in his last movie role

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To celebrate Halloween, here is an image and the trailer for a movie that fell under my radar when it came out last year. “In The Closet” is a film put out by Biblical Films that is the first in a trilogy, although only one third of the trilogy has been released so far. By released, I mean limited release in California mostly with a few appearances in Hawaii. But hey, it won the award for best religious film at the San Diego Black Film Festival, so that’s something!

The trailer does not explain too much, but to sum it up as much as I possibly can (and it’s a mess of a plot that can’t seem to decide on what it is), the story takes place in the near future and deals with Lamont Maxwell (AKA not Kimo) who is attempting to “change America’s mind regarding reparations”, but his son Jonathan has other ideas. That is the most sense I can make out of this without seeing it, but what matters most is that I have no idea why Kimo is dressed as a bloodthirsty mutant in the photo above, but I want to know! Any movie that has Kimo covered in blood and facial herpes, crushing peoples skulls and choke slamming them must be amazing, and I must discover how amazing this film truly is!

In the IMDB credits, the Hawaiian brawler who supposedly died last year but came back from the dead is listed as “Tormenting Demon”, reinforcing my need to get a hold of this film. The movie also stars Lamont A. Coleman, Denver Dowridge, Kathryn Melton and Rosemarie Smith-Coleman, but they are not credited with roles nearly as exciting as “Tormenting Demon”.

Hit the jump for the trailer and the full synopsis of the plot, which is so long that I really could not fit it here!

Taken word for word from the Biblical Films website:

In the Year 2045, some of us will still be alive. Lamont A. Maxwell, an old Conservative Politician will make an extraordinary journey through the Alpha and the Omega of his life. From his legislation, he will change America’s mind regarding reparations, but his youngest son, Jonathan, has another idea. In The Closet examines the life of a boy who grew up in the struggle of racism and hatred and the affects it had on him.

In 1984, a young Lamont Maxwell watched three men and the local sheriff kill his parents. His innocence slowly becomes corrupted with sin and resentment as he becomes an adult. His struggles with his corruption become unbearable when he is called to be pastor of his church. Stuck in sin, Lamont leaves his wife, Florence, and two boys to pursue his political career and a romantic relationship with his office assistant. If elected Lt. Governor his life will change dramatically. His decision to turn his back on God and divorce his faithful wife leads to Florence’s destruction. His two sons, Jonathan and Luke emerge from this twisted life corrupted with evil to govern the Black Foundation.

The Black Foundation is a movement in the United States, which suggests that the Government apologize to slave descendants for their hardships, and bestow on them reparations, whether it be in the form of money, land, or other goods. In the year 2045, the Black Foundation is a new movement to secure reparations for African Americans. They demand a clear apology for the slavery from the former slave-trading countries and the United States of America. By any means necessary..

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