October in a nutshell – Big mergers, Frank Shamrock beats me up and a Bloody Kim Couture

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October was a big month for MMA and a big month for me. For some reason, October seems to be the best month every year for me (out of all two years that is). The biggest news coming this month must be yesterday’s announcement by Dana White that the UFC & WEC will merge starting in 2011, with Jose Aldo defending his new UFC featherweight title against an opponent yet to be named. But really, more important news was that my UFC Undisputed 2010 video game tournament went down and it was awesome, mostly because Frank Shamrock dropped in to beat me in EA Fight Night as Mike Tyson.

One of the things that snuck under many people’s radar, but not mine since I was there, was Ring of Combat 32. This event saw Kim Couture battle against Munah Holland in a losing-three-round affair that left Kim beaten, bloodied and with a lovely 3-4 record against fighters who have mostly been making their MMA debut or have losing records already.

Here are some more of the top videos and stories this month!

UFC defeats WWE in pay-per-view buys

Boxing legend Bernard Hopkins gives The Fight Nerd a one-on-one interview… until the boxing press tries to hijack it

Bjorn Rebney on Bellator 33, Roger Huerta’s future & Bellator VS Strikeforce

I get nerdy, well nerdier, at New York Comic Con 2010 with Larry Hama, Walt Simonson, Mark Sable, Paolo Rivera, PowerGlove and more!

Video footage and nifty highlight reel of the Bellator Philadelphia try-outs, where we speak with Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney once more, interview Albert Alvarez (younger brother of Eddie Alvarez who was trying out) and the winner of the tryouts, Giedrius Karavackas!

Will November be as good as October was? I would say no to that, since I am going to try to beat the pants off of October and make it wish it was as cool as November. Stay tuned, fight nerds!

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