WWE’s MMA movie bombs at box office

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According to the Wrestling Observer newsletter, WWE Studios’ MMA movie (and I use that entire phrase loosely), “Knucklehead”, drew virtually no business during its ‘limited engagement’ this past weekend in New York. It was so bad it did not even register on any lists for any sort of profit whatsoever, let alone determining if anyone actually saw it.

A chart listing the top grossing films, with the bottom movie making $75, did not rank the WWE produced film, which starred Dennis Farina, Melora Hardin, and 7′2″ tall Big Show. Even further, numerous websites that feature histories of all theatrically released movies and how much business they did — including last weekend — don’t have it listed. The film was only scheduled for last weekend in select theaters — a total of six. It will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on Nov. 9. Will it do any better on home-release? Does GSP have a head full of long, luxurious locks of curly blond hair on his head? Nuff’ said.

Not only has the UFC been defeating WWE in pay-per-view buyrates recently, but they are also making waves with their business and spending, such as yesterday’s huge announcement of the UFC merging with the WEC. All signs point to WWE going back to what they are good for, and that is pro wrestling and not pretending to be MMA or mocking the sport which is dominating it on pay-per-view and gaining momentum against it on TV.

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