Nate Diaz & Vitor Belfort complete next Round 5 figure series

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This is what I get for being behind in toy news. Just as I had announced that Thiago Silva was part of the next wave of figures from Round 5, the company goes ahead and updates their blog with the rest of the info on the line.

Nate Diaz and Vitor Belfort will complete the fifth wave of the UFC Collector series from Round 5 MMA. Previously announced were Shane Carwin and Thiago Silva, who I just wrote about a few hours ago. Silly me. Collectors should also be on the lookout for surprise “chase” items, which will include special accessories or variants hidden in a limited number of packages available at random stores. This has included walk-out clothes and championship belts, as well as alternate paint jobs such as the Wanderlei Silva Pride FC variant.

The release of “Ultimate Collector” Series 5 will bring the total of individual Round 5 “Ultimate Collector” products to more than 25, not including variants. This series will not be available this year as I originally thought, and will instead be released in early 2011, so if you were planning on having some vinyl christmas presents, keep planning. You could have some nice stocking stuffers in the form of the GI Joe-sized UFC action figures, though? What do you think now that you have seen the entire line-up?

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