Ken Shamrock headed to fight MMA in Africa

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Durban, South Africa has successfully secured a first, not only for South Africa, but also for the African Continent. On November 25th, 2010, the ICC Durban will host one of the most highly anticipated Mixed Martial Art shows in 2010. “Platinum” will feature International and National fighters, including Ken Shamrock, Donovan Hawkey, Abjul Hussain, Craig Fourie, Tyson Chelin, Donald Nziwara and Mike De Bruin to name a few. The poster you see above is not for the event Shamrock is fighting in, but one this weekend. Besides, this is more like a page from “Where’s Waldo?”, except you replace Waldo with Shamrock.

This event is part of the International fight promotion “King of the Cage” which continues to promote hundreds of shows throughout the world, including 17 in the United States and far-reaching countries such as, England, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, and Australia. You might remember them most recently for their first East coast event in years, which featured Jimmie Rivera VS Abel Cullum in a spectacular five-round war for the flyweight title, and also for Ray Mercer causing a nationwide police search to locate his missing self.

Ken Shamrock will be featured as the main event on the “Platinum” card, fighting Mike “The Rhino” Bourke. Bourke is a 6’0’’ heavyweight that has been in the cage against fighters such as Tank Abbott and Mike Whitehead. Shamrock, when asked about the fight and the upcoming event, “It’s an honor to go to South Africa — its home to the African Lion – the reason for the name Lion’s Den. This is going to be one of the best things I’ve been a part of and it’s going to be fun!” The question now is if Africa tests for steroids or not.

This is interesting news for the globalization of MMA, and I hope the event does well so the sport can continue to spread all over the world to other untapped markets. KOTC puts on some good shows and who knows how much untapped MMA talent is in Africa! Want to see more of Ken Shamrock’s opponent? Hit the jump for a vid of his bout with Tank Abbott!

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