You saw the photos, now watch the video of Kim Couture VS Munah Holland

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You may recall last week when I was uber-excited to post the photos of a bloody and beaten Kim “Sugar Free” Couture from Ring of Combat 32. Now, I am so excited that my head exploded, just like in “Scanners”, to show you video footage of the fight (even if it is a bootleg video shot on someone’s Flip cam most likely).

Let it be known that I did not shoot the video, some fan from Tiger Schulmann’s massive group of supporters most likely shot it, and to prove that you can also briefly see my head in Round 1 towards the bottom of Kim’s corner, adjusting my lens to zoom in on her. What I was focusing on, I do not know since I couldn’t see much of her except her butt. Maybe that’s what I was looking at… I will never admit it if I was. Anyway, Munah Holland laid the smacketh down on Kim for all three rounds, with Couture unable to execute any gameplan and at best manage to wildly trade some blows from time to time. Only in the beginning of the first round did it seem that she was in control, using her height and weight advantage in the clinch, but that did not last long.

Hit the jump to see rounds two and three of this epic showdown!

Don’t forget to enjoy some of my photo highlights from cageside of this fight as well at this link here!

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