Lifelike Bruce Lee action figure gets more lifelike!

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If you are new to this site, you should know that I like the nerdier side of MMA, and this includes toys. Back in the distant month of July, Hot Toys gave us a sneak peek at their upcoming 12″ Bruce Lee action figure based on his appearance from the martial arts classic “Enter The Dragon.” Today, they have come back and sent us an update on the figure and have somehow made it look even more amazing. In case you are wondering, that above picture is the toy in question.

Hot Toys has fine-tuned Bruce’s body sculpt to look more natural and lifelike and are “still trying our best to fine tune his head sculpt to further improve his likeness”. In other words, you are going to be getting a 1:6 scale Bruce Lee clone. Hot Toys makes some amazing high-quality collectibles with great sculpting and attention to detail, even things like texturing the skin. Mr. Lee comes with two outfits and uses the Parallel Eyeball Rolling System, meaning his eyes actually move! These are not your kids toys, no sir! This figure is expected to ship sometime between the 4th quarter of this year and the 1st quarter of 2011. Will this be on my toy shelf soon? Does Josh Koscheck’s head look like a used brillo pad?

Hit the jump to see this and many more photos in hi-res!

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