UFC veteran Emmanuel Yarbrough crushes Diane Keaton in new movie

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Everyone’s favorite old school UFC sumo fighter is back in action, but this time he has gone Hollywood! Emmanuel Yarbrough, who all readers must remember from his UFC 3 appearance against Keith Hackney, and now they can remember him for his role as a generic sumo who squashes Diane Keaton in the new chick flick from Paramount Pictures.

The movie description from IMDB goes like this – “A hotshot television producer is set the challenge of reviving a struggling morning show program, despite the constant feuding of its high-profile anchors.” Word for word from IMDB by the way, poor grammar included. The movie also stars the super cute Rachel McAdams (who resembles Jennifer Garner, a plus in my book), Harrison Ford, Jeff Goldblum, and a cast of other people I have never heard of nor care to. Let’s hope that this movie does better than WWE’s last flick with MMA, which bombed horribly!

When asked about the blow Diane took, Mr. Yarbrough responded on his facebook page, “Yeah I almost killed her inadvertently, but she survived.” To sum this article up, if you have a girlfriend and she drags you to the movies to see something she wants, volunteer to see “Morning Glory”, impress her with the fact that you stayed awake enough to see Manny, introduce her to MMA and maybe get some loving in between. You can send success stories to me, or if they’re very successful, to Penthouse Letters.

You can check out a few more photos on Emmanuel Yarbrough’s facebook page. Hit the jump to see the trailer and to see Yarbrough in all of his thong-wearing glory on the screen! More importantly, see Rachel McAdams’ very well-toned butt in panties!

Manny is also involved with The Sumo Kids Foundation, a very unique youth program with an admirable cause, check them out here!

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