Antonio Mckee is getting ready for his UFC debut by self-producing reality show

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I have seen Antonio Mckee fighting in various companies since I first started watching this sport, and it’s past overdue that he finally made his way into the UFC. The former IFL veteran and MFC standout is set to step into the octagon against Jacob Volkmann in January but first, he’s got a reality show to create!

It might not be the same quality as Kyle Maynard’s documentary on ESPN2 earlier this week, but it might be motivating enough to get people more interested in the world of a very peculiar fighter. Over on Kenny Knoll’s Youtube page, Mckee has launched the pilot for his self-produced docudrama series about his life, entitled “Untamed.” You will remember Kenny’s name because he not only is hosting it on his page, but I assume he is behind the camera most of the time and he is also the burly Asian dude covered in tats in the opening credits. My favorite character is his wife Jen, who milks the camera as much as Antonio, doing her best to turn ordinary things like Antonio drinking the “school juice” and not the “adult juice” into a major fiasco. Why can’t a grown-ass man drink his Capri Sun and not be hassled about it!

There is more drama like AJ’s poor grades in school or something, we are never really told what is going on, or finding cigarettes in his son’s room which is also never resolved, perhaps a cliffhanger for the second episode? No idea on how regularly these episodes will be made, but no matter what, it is always better than “The Jersey Shore”. Always.

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