Silver star responds to controversial shirt design

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In MMA, you don’t give out business cards, you give out t-shirts. Last year, some controversy occurred when WW II Germany-inspired apparel manufacturer Hoelzer Reich was outed for its ties to Nazi symbolism (even though they still deny all of the evidence), leading to them being completely banned from just about every MMA company in the US and back to sponsoring skinhead scumbag death-metal groups. Recently, one of the most mainstream clothing companies in MMA was cited for using a Nazi design in one of their shirts.

Silver Star, who has sponsored some of the top fighters in the UFC and outside of it, was discovered to have been using a Totenkopf, which is a very unique skull image that is associated with Nazism, on a shirt worn by Clay Guida in a recent interview he did with Fight! Magazine. Maggie Hendricks of Cagewriter spoke with the company and said they apologized and were completely unaware of the association with the image and its meaning. The shirt was also discontinued a year ago, which in my mind means this is not the first time they have heard these accusations. The interview with Clay wearing the shirt has also been taken offline from Fight! Magazine’s Youtube page.

Maggie later spoke with Guida’s manager who said that he was unaware of its meaning and that Silver Star’s founder Luke Burritt is a Jewish-American and denounces Nazism, as does Clay. Oddly enough, this is the second time Guida has been caught wearing a shirt with Nazi symbolism on it. Am I making any accusations about the lightweight who just beat Takanori Gomi at UFC 125? Not necessarily, but his taste in t-shirts is definitely in question. For me, I think it’s high time MMA companies drop the skulls, wings, and this cluttered look in general. It’s come to the point where I can recognize the vector packs where designers are downloading the elements and just moving them in different spots. Just remember, you are the consumer and if you don’t like something and want it to go away, stop buying it!

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  1. Am I making any accusations about the person who wrote this article? Not necessarily, but his willingness to slander professional fighters by implying that they are bigots based on tee-shirts is definitely in question.

    But the author is correct that those tee-shirts all look like a cluttered, clichéd mess.

    — MrJM

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