One-armed MMA fighter hoping to make his mark in the sport

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If you were amazed by the story of the Blind BJJ-fighter, George Stern from Florida’s America Top Team, you will definitely enjoy the motivating story of Nick Newell, a congenital amputee who competes in MMA with only one arm.

The 24-year-old had a 2-1 amateur MMA record before turning pro, and trains with both the Fighting Arts Academy in Springfield, Massachusetts, and the Ultimate MMA Training Center in North Haven, Connecticut. An all-state high school wrestler who also wrestled for four years at Western New England College as Captain in his last year there, he took up MMA soon after and entered the pro world in June 2009. Nick, whose nickname is “Notorious”, is currently undefeated with three wins, with his last fight being in March 2010 against Steve Butler. Even more amazing, all of his fights have ended in the first round, one by TKO and two by submission. Fighters have been known to duck him, not out of fear of his handicap but fear of losing to a man with a handicap.

In an interview with MMA Junkie last year, Newell said, “All the people who say, ‘Oh he can get hurt’ are right; I can get hurt, but so can everybody else who does MMA. I’m a smart guy with a college degree. I wouldn’t put myself in a situation that I knew I couldn’t handle. I’m not just going to be a good fighter for someone with one hand. I’m not shooting for mediocrity or to prove that people with handicaps can do things because that’s already been proven. I compete to (be) one of the best in the world.”

The video above is a year old but it doesn’t make the story any less moving. If a guy with one arm is doing this much with his life, no reason you can’t either. If you want to see his last fight from 2010 against Steve Butler from “Triumph Promotions: Supremacy” in full, hit the jump and see how he fights!

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