Worst referee stoppage ever?

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From Rage in The Cage some time in the last year, here are two heavyweights going at it in a generally lackluster brawl. Not too far into the match, the balding fighter takes a shot to the chin that rattles him, leading to the burly bearded fighter and throw some more shots that appear to be in slow-motion but are, in fact, in real time. It doesn’t take long for the referee to decide that the balding fighter is apparently unconscious or not defending himself, and steps in to end the bout… despite the fighter who now lost throwing a punch and being quite coherent as the ref steps in.

I tried to look up who these fighters were, but even with the help of Google and Sherdog’s Fight Finder, I could not identify these two fighters as RITC had, over the course of three shows near the date this video was from, multiple fights that ended in TKO before the first minute of round one. The question here is why did the referee step in so quickly, especially without a warning. Just to add insult to injury, the ref was looking away from the fight he was breaking up so he did not even notice the balding fighter throw another strike.

Both fighters look a little surprised, more so the one on the losing end, and I will say the fighter who lost did not take it out on his opponent who won. Did he yell and curse like a madman before and once he left the cage? Probably, but I would too if that happened to me. If anyone knows who these gentlemen are, please let me know. We solved the mystery of the fastest head-kick knockout at Desert Force Championship, we can solve this one too!

Can anyone else think of any other awful stoppages (I’m sure you can!)?

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  1. Kid Yamamoto vs Genki Sudo was the worst. To ensure a win for the larger star they clearly screwed a homecountry hero by stoppinf the fight at the 1st feasibly justifiable chance.

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