Ariel Helwani & Jacob Volkmann on Leno, Obama gets revenge

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Jacob Volkmann vs Barack Obama (with: Ariel Helwani, presented by: Jay Leno) from starglide1 on Vimeo.

I have been trying to avoid writing about this non-story but since I found this amusing clip, I guess I have to. Besides, I write about worse things.

After UFC 125, Ariel Helwani conducted an interview with Jacob Volkmann, who said that for his next opponent he would like to fight President Barack Obama. Volkmann is not a fan of his stance on healthcare and said he would love a chance to duke it out with Obama in the octagon. Needless to say, the US Government does not take kindly to threats to the President and the Secret Service actually questioned Jacob twice the following day – once at his home and again at his gym. It’s a routine thing to make sure the threat is truly empty, it’s just amazing because you figure they would be busy watching Jeff Monson and not sending their team away from MMA’s #1 anarchist.

Things got more interesting when this story went mainstream, and last night on Jay Leno’s show, they did their own video of how things would turn out, which you can watch above. The real treat here is seeing both Ariel and Jacob on Leno, and how this MMA thing really is becoming more mainstream. Enjoy the clip and remember – don’t threaten your country’s leader… unless you want to make it on Leno.

Hit the jump to see the full interview that started this mess!

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