Weekend Warriors: Tyson Jeffries vs. Mike Geurin

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Behold, the weekend warriors! No, I don’t mean that guy who comes to the gym dressed in a TapouT shirt to train for an hour then skips out early to watch “South Park”. I mean a long, drawn-out fight to keep you entertained this lonely weekend. This weekend, I give you Tyson Jeffries taking on Mike Guerin on September 18, 2010 in M-1 Global.

What we witnessed in the 2010 M-1 Selection Americas middleweight tournament finals was an incredibly well-matched fight with two gladiators. Tyson Jeffries entered the finals once again the underdog, the “anti-hero” had displayed a tremendous amount of heart and skill earning his championship shot. Mike Geurin also had a very exciting road to the finals, coming hot off the heels of a “fight of the night” performance in the semi-finals where he and Shane Primm electrified the crowd.

As the fighters entered the ring for the tournament finals, it was clear early into the fight that the crowd was in for something special. Often times the expectations of a championship bout can fall short, on this night all expectations would be exceeded capped off with a shocking conclusion that no one could have predicted.

Hit the jump for part two of this exciting fight!

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