Bas Rutten says “Don’t do the flu”!

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I have decided for no other reason than because I can, I have made this week Bas Rutten appreciation week. Really, every week is Bas Rutten appreciation week for me, but now I can share this religious experience with my readers by offering you a video that you hopefully have not seen before about the man. If you are unfamiliar with the man, you don’t belong on this site. Get out now. Seriously. If you are still here, let’s start this week with some handy advice from El Guapo!

Rutten landed a gig with Cartoon Network last year as part of their “Get Real” campaign, which shifted to more live-action segments and shows over the animation you would come to expect from a channel with “Cartoon” in their names. One of those segments was a series of 30 second commercials appropriately called “Get Active”, with Bas abruptly charging into a room of pre-teen’s sitting on the couch, screaming at them to get off their hammy butts and exercise, in a similar way he yells at students training with his MMA workout CD’s. On occasion, Rutten would depart from mere physicality’s and urge kids to eat healthy and, as you will see in one of the clips after the jump, to wash your slimy hands. If you don’t, you will infect the world with your disgusting germs.

Hit the jump for another important piece of advice and don’t forget – WASH HANDS!

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