Bas Rutten’s daughter catches him singing!

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It’s Bas Rutten week here at, which means more obscure Rutten goodies for you! Yesterday, we brought you Bas’ crazy commercials for “Cartoon Network”. Today, we have a very excellent video that comes straight from Bas Rutten’s daughter, Sabine!

The mischievous youth that sprang from the loins of “El Guapo” decided to do her best impersonation of Solid Snake and catch her dad belting out various tunes by Super Tramp, The Sweet, and a few other classic rock bands. At least we know Bas has exceptional taste in music! Imagine living with this man who is a living cartoon, except instead of having anvils dropped on his head, he has fists like anvils that dig into your liver.

At about 1:17 into the video, if you look at the wall to the left of Bas, you will see a picture there. That is a print of a painting that I painted, which I gave to Bas in 2006 when I first met him at an IFL press conference in New York. Bas was one of the biggest fighters I had met at the time, and needless to say, I was shaking like I had Parkinson’s. Thankfully, Bas was (and is) super nice and when I talked to him after, he would usually remember that painting and me, which makes this video even more exciting for me to see since now I have confirmation that this is actually hanging on his wall. Nerdgasm!

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