Bas Rutten wears the worst wig ever in “Dusty Peacock”

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Bas Rutten week rages on as we continue to provide you your daily dose of Dutch awesomeness. Yesterday, Bas Rutten’s daughter gave us the gift of song from Bas. Today, we take a look at a rather obscure internet show Bas co-starred in called “Dusty Peacock”. This web series was produced by Kevin James, star of “King of Queens” who has also trained with Bas and worn his short on the show a few times. James also accompanied Bas out for his comeback fight against Ruben Villareal at the WFA.

“Dusty Peacock” starred James’ brother, Gary Valentine, who looks remarkably like Kevin. The series began streaming on Crackle in July 2009 and also stars Melissa Peterman, Nick Turturro, Nick Bakay, Micahel Burton and Steffiana De La Cruz. The show follows stuntman Dusty Peacock (played by Valentine) and his team of followers as he does stunts and general acts of buffoonery.

The show isn’t bad, but the shining moment in each episode comes when you see Bas Rutten wearing the worst wig ever. It’s meant to be hideous, and it does not disappoint. Plant an image of Bas in your head, then close your eyes and transform his shiny dome into the head of a 70’s swinger like John Ritter from “Three’s Company” and voila, there’s Bas Rutten with hair! I never heard of this before since I have never heard Bas or any other MMA websites that I read talk about it. It doesn’t get more obscure than this, folks!

Hit the jump to see another episode of “Dusty Peacock” with the all-new, all-improved Bas Rutten – now with hair!

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