Bas Rutten shows you how to protect your home from urban ninjas

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Bas Rutten week carries on with more obscure and random Rutten videos for your viewing pleasure. Yesterday, we showed you Bas wearing the worst wig ever, worthy of William Shatner. Today, we go back to Rutten’s roots with some martial arts knowledge. Many viewers and even people who are not fans of MMA know Bas from his “Lethal Street fighting” DVD, which became a viral hit on Youtube with, believe it or not, millions of views since it’s been posted. Today, here is a self-defense instructional that did not quite make the final cut for his last DVD, or any DVD, but is good enough for this site!

Do you experience feelings of fear or dread any time you step out of your house, worrying that a pesky ninja might attack your home? Fear no more, as “El Guapo” shows you the quickest way to fight off a ninja, or in this case, one of those urban California ninjas with shorts and sandals (or possibly a more deadly variety of “hippie”) and how to protect your family from them for good. It’s easier than you think!

Hit the jump to watch Bas Rutten’s explanation of how you can move like a ninja!

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