Scott Coker on Strikeforce Heavyweight Tournament – Part 1

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Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker talked exclusively with The Fight Nerd in this two-part interview about the upcoming Strikeforce Heavyweight Tournament, and made his own predictions for how he expects the tournament to unfold. Coker addresses the issue of how rounds will work (since Alistair Overeem will put his title on the line in all of the tournament fights), licensing Josh Barnett in the states, the relationship with M-1 Global, as well as issues outside the tournament such as the Bellator VS Strikeforce feud and what is next for the fighters on their “Challenger” series. Stay tuned for part two of this interview later next week!

3 Comments on Scott Coker on Strikeforce Heavyweight Tournament – Part 1

  1. Good stuff Fight Nerd. I’m gonna give major props to the person who has the balls to really push DW on the benefits of co-promotion for everyone in the sport and writes up a serious article about what it did for football when the NFC accepted the AFC’s challenge and the impact of the superbowl. A new years eve superbowl of mma makes so much sense I find it amazing that everyone in the media is scared to death to ebb ask about it anymore. I expect the whole media to put pressure on him to do it.

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