Wesley Snipes is Julius Style in new video game

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Incarcerated action movie star and martial artist Wesley Snipes is lending his hand to a new video game due for iPhone and iPad this June, before rolling out to Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network and Android at an unspecified date.

Dubbed Julius Styles: The International, the game combines action with puzzle elements and “was inspired by my desire to bring my Art of War, Murder at 1600 and Passenger 57 characters into the game world,” said Snipes in an interview with IGN.com. “Julius Styles will offer something for both the mind game strategist and the kick-ass special ops warrior lover… Julius Styles pits your street knowledge survival skills with your academic intellect and spiritual intuition.” I have never played a game that challenged my spiritual intuition, so this is definitely some groundbreaking stuff.

Snipes, who is currently serving a sentence for tax issues, will be making a film of Julius Styles soon after his projected prison release in July, 2013, so this game may act as a prequel of sorts to lead into the movie, or maybe help gauge public interest in this venture and see if its worth pursuing further. Snipes has been in prison since December, 2010. His case, however, had been going on since 2006, so his time in prison will oddly be less than he spent being on trial. His last film was “Brooklyn’s Finest”, where he was nominated for Best supporting actor in the Black Reel Awards. Currently, two other movies he shot in 2010, “Game of Death” and “Gallowwalker”, are in post-production and are expected to be released later this year.

The game is being produced by Lapland Studio, which has previously dabbled in WiiWare titles such as the enthralling “Lead the Meerkats”, with additional help by film outfits Red 27 and Elstree Studio Productions. In other news, IGN had an ad for Wendy’s new french-fries, made with sea salt. I am more excited about trying those fries than I am checking out this game. Is that a bad thing?

While we wait for the game to be released, why not check out some old clips of Wesley Snipes in action after the jump!

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